BREAKING: Here’s The After-Action Report From the Alabama Senate Disinformation Campaign

Exclusive Release from Jeff Giesea

The following is a leaked copy of the secret after-action report from the Alabama Senate disinfo campaign known as Project Birmingham. The New York Times broke the story in a December 19 article. The Times article refers to this report, but it hasn’t been publicly available until now. The images have been tweaked to remove watermarks and metadata.

UPDATE: A January 6 Washington Post article corroborates the authenticity of these documents. It says the entire document is 12 pages, labeled “Project Birmingham Debrief,” and dated Dec. 15, 2017. Six pages are listed below, which means six pages are missing. (When I received the leak I wasn’t sure how complete it was.) The New York Times and Washington Post have copies of the full report but have not shared it with the public.

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