• Al Torna

    Al Torna

  • Roger K. Beaty

    Roger K. Beaty

    Content Strategist. Digital Curator. Optimist — I search for the Future of Health & Tech.

  • BusinessLeads.com


    Crowdsourced business development. Nothing beats a referral from a trusted contact. #referrals #crowdsourcing #businessdevelopment #businessleads #salesleads

  • Lee Fuller

    Lee Fuller

  • Peter Wylie

    Peter Wylie

    Co-founder @Gradible in NYC. I'm interested in media, music, tech, entrepreneurship, & Keith Richards

  • Rob Biederman

    Rob Biederman

    Co-Founder and CEO @HourlyNerd. Met fan. ESTP.

  • Tracy Diziere

    Tracy Diziere

    I’m a work in progress. I make progress and then share what I’ve learned. I’m a marketer and creative partner. Authenticity is important to me. And freedom.

  • Clemens Aichholzer

    Clemens Aichholzer

    founder & ceo @MindX_co | investor | HarvardHBS | https://mindx.co

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