It is a confusing moment in the world. Many of us are sorting out where we stand and how to navigate it.

As I engage more politically I often ask myself, what’s constructive? Like many of you, I try to create value in everything I do. I try to operate from a place of good intentions. But sometimes it’s confusing. Sometimes I’m not sure what’s constructive. Sometimes I go to the edges and find things that are true but outside the mainstream. Sometimes I mess up.

How do we stay true in today’s polarized political environment?

Here is a quick list of tools and ideas for staying constructive. It’s relevant for many contexts and not specific to any point of view. No 1 is what’s helped me the most.

  1. First and most important: Set an intention to be constructive.
  2. Get grounded in your personal values, principles, and your why.
  3. Define your boundaries — what you stand for, what you do not stand for, when you disengage.
  4. Find unique ways to contribute. What can you do or offer that’s unique and moves the ball forward?
  5. Call b.s. on yourself from time to time. Course correct. (ex: I’m spending too much time on Twitter)
  6. Avoid needless drama.
  7. Avoid haters and toxic energy.
  8. Find and collaborate those who share your values.
  9. Focus on artifacts over ephemera. Things that last.
  10. Forgive yourself when you screw up or do something cringy. Keep moving forward.
  11. Try things. Act. Experiment. Just do it. You can’t be constructive without doing something.

This is mostly self-talk disguised as a blog post. I needed a reminder.

Other suggestions? Share in the comments.

Musings on media, technology, national security, and personal development.

Musings on media, technology, national security, and personal development.